29 Juni 2024



Zaanenpark, theatertent

Muziekhuis023 singer-songwriter optreden

Jules (Julia Rosenhart) is a singer-songwriter and theatre performer/writer. After living in Antwerp for four years to study ‘Kleinkunst’, she returned to the Netherlands. Since she graduated she has performed on different stages such as OPEK, Leuven and for ADE.

She loves experimenting with vocals, synthesizer and piano. Aside her solo-career, Jules started a duo with Eva Mareen (actrice and singer from Gent) called ‘Salmonella.’ They strive for an amalgamation of the disciplines and make musical ulestheatre performances.

Zaterdag 29 juni, 18.30 uur
Zomer in de Zaanen, theatertent (veldingang voetpad Orionweg)